A Chilean Air Force plane went missing on its way to Antarctica

A Chilean Air Force plane went missing on its way to Antarctica

The C-130 Hercules plane experienced been flying from the Chilean capital of Santiago to the country’s Antarctic base, the Air Pressure explained in a statement. The four-engine aircraft lost radio make contact with around 6 p.m. community time close to the Drake Passage, the entire body of drinking water among the suggestion of South America and Antarctica.

There had been 17 crew customers and 21 other passengers on board, who were being on their way to carry out “logistical aid tasks” this kind of as fixing the floating oil pipeline that supplies gasoline for the base, reported the Chilean Air Pressure.

In addition to crew members, the aircraft was also carrying staff from the armed forces, an engineering agency, and the College of Magallanes.

Following the aircraft lost get hold of, the Air Drive declared a point out of notify and mobilized a look for and rescue workforce, activating Air Power resources in Santiago and the Magallanes region in southern Chile. President Sebastian Pinera tweeted on Tuesday that he was conferring with protection officers in Cerrillos to observe the rescue operation.
Air and maritime authorities are continue to hunting for survivors in the spot of the plane’s final acknowledged spot and informing the family members of the travellers on board, the Air Force stated.

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