Live updates: Trump impeachment inquiry

Live updates: Trump impeachment inquiry

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler outlined why he thinks President Trump violated his oath of workplace and the Structure in his opening remarks this morning.

He laid out the Democrats’ circumstance towards Trump, arguing that the President “place himself right before place.”

“On July 25, President Trump called President Zelensky of Ukraine and asked him for a favor. That call was aspect of a concerted evident — hard work to announce an investigation not an investigation of corruption writ large but an investigation of President Trump’s political rivals and only his political rivals. President Trump set himself before region,” Nadler stated.

The chairman continued: “The record reveals that president trump withheld military aid, allocated by the United States congress, from Ukraine. It also displays that he withheld a white house meeting from President Zelensky. Multiple witnesses, including respected diplomats, national security specialists, and decorated war veterans, all testified to the same basic fact. President Trump withheld the aid and the assembly in get to pressure a international federal government to do him that favor. President trump set himself before nation.” 

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