Polar bears crowd Russian village in search for food

Polar bears crowd Russian village in search for food

About 60 polar bears descended on Ryrkaypiy in Russia’s distant Chukotka location, Tatyana Minenko, the head of the village’s “bear patrol” told Russian condition information company RIA Novosti.

The polar bears are taking in the carcasses of walruses that have remained on the village’s shores given that the tumble, the Russian branch of the Entire world Broad Fund for Mother nature (WWF) mentioned Thursday in a assertion.

“Just about all of the bears are slender,” stated Minenko in the WWF statement. “Among them are both equally adults and young animals there are ladies with cubs of different ages,” she stated.

Ryrkaypiy has a populace of about 500 people, in accordance to state information company TASS. It is situated around the shore of the Arctic Ocean and faces Wrangel Island, known to be a “maternity residence” for polar bears, TASS claimed.

Bigger than common temperatures are creating ice to melt, which is impacting the bears’ searching routines, according to the WWF.

“If the ice was potent ample, the bears, or at minimum some of them, would have presently absent to sea, wherever they could hunt for seals or sea hares,” reported Mikhail Stishov, coordinator of WWF-Russia projects for the conservation of Arctic biodiversity.

“Equivalent conditions are turning into the norm,” he reported. “We will need to adapt to this so that neither individuals nor bears put up with.”

Bear patrols stepped up

Volunteers and citizens have began patrolling the spot all over the village, like educational facilities and kindergartens, to keep away from encounters with the sudden visitors, WWF said. All community functions have been canceled and youngsters are currently being transported to college in buses.

“The psychological problem in (Ryrkaypiy) is complicated, women stress, because their young children walk to faculty,” Anatoly Kochnev, a scientist at Russia’s Institute of Organic Troubles of the North, instructed condition news company TASS.

Less than 5 years ago, it would have been strange to see a team of far more than three to five polar bears in close proximity to the village, Kochnev stated.

“We consider to command the condition, but no one would want to think what might occur there in 3 to 5 yrs,” Kochnev stated. “If walruses abandon the cape or if their population decreases, polar bears would not quit to be there — but they will be hungry.”

The polar bears have typically remained serene when they come close to men and women, Kochnev said. The previous time a bear killed a human in Ryrkaypiy was in 2011, in accordance to TASS.

The news of the bear invasion comes in the exact week that a video clip was shared on social media of a polar bear in Chukotka with graffiti spray-painted on its again.

It is really not acknowledged why the animal was painted, but Kochnev stated previously it was possibly the get the job done of “pranksters.”

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