What are the safest locks for your security door?

What are the safest locks for your security door?

In recent years, home security has been an issue of constant concern to us. The robbers are constantly finding new ways to break through the security doors πόρτες ασφαλείαςof the houses and have now found ways to handle them as well.

In particular, if your security door is installed before 2010, you should add it to your list as you are not secure enough. Lately, there has been an increase in violations in such locks, with no substantial breach at the door.

Preventing the security systems in your home will save you from future burglars. If you are looking for the best door lock for your home, next-generation security locks are a pretty good choice.

There are several choices of brands and prices in the market and you can choose the one that suits you best and covers your security needs. Read the information below to decide what kind of lock to put on your door.

The safest home locks and everything you need to know about the ANSI rating system!

What are the safest door locks for your home?

Plus, large-key locks, special-type locks, and security locks that were fitted before 2010 offer no security. Burglars have identified ways to open these locks within 2-5 minutes and completely quiet.

So if you want to replace your home lock, you should prefer using the next generation security locks – κλειδαριές ασφαλείας. The choices you have are:

1. Plastic cylinder safety locks

Roller locks are among the next generation of safety locks. Their function is based on the existence of a robotic safe. The robotic belly button is mechanically operated with balloons and timers, and no springs are manufactured. To open the door, the key commands the timers to rotate. This way, the unlock can be done with a single key, and no keys can be created.

The security keys for these doors are always sealed to the owner. If you need more than one key for your door, you can create a key only by presenting the property card you receive when you purchase the lock.

2. Safety locks with steel cylinder

The safest locks use a steel cylinder. A steel cylinder, because of its material, is more difficult to break. ‘So there’s more protection and more security for your home.

Steel cylinder safety locks may be more expensive but they are much safer. They feature a steel defender system that prevents the rollers from breaking, or drilling holes in the interior.

In addition, they have a dual security system that blocks the bolts and belly button in case of a system breach. This way you get more security, as the door does not open in the event of a violation of its mechanism.

In any case, you should remember that locking alone cannot provide you with the security of your home. You need to use a complete protection system combined with the safest lock in order to get the maximum results.

What do you know about the ANSI scoring system?

The safest locks have rates according to the ANSI system. The score is divided into scales indicating whether or not the impact lock is resistant. Thus, the locks are divided into:

Grade 1 locks: The safest locks

Grade 1 locks are the safest locks on the market. A Grade 1 lock has the highest impact resistance and can pose a significant obstacle to the entry of robbers.

Grade 2 locks

Grade 2 locks may not be the safest locks to choose from, but they can provide a good protection to your home. In this category are mainly the most commercial locks.

Grade 3 locks

Grade 3 locks can meet your needs. However, they are prone to robber activity and cannot provide you with the security you are looking for in your home.

How to prevent security door burglary?

In our day and especially as summer approaches, burglaries are once again the biggest fear of any family who decides to leave home for a few days and go on holiday.

Whether you live in a studio or live in a house, violence and crime are so plaguing modern Greek society that the size of your home will not exclude you from the prospect of theft.

Since security systems burglary is a very unusual phenomenon in 2016, we have been looking for some very useful tips and solutions to best protect your home and your loved ones.

1. Always lock your home’s security door!

Security doors open even with police ID when people forget to lock them. The proof of this myth that I didn’t believe in until then came when a friend of mine’s brother shut us out of the house and went in for a bath. Then I said to her laughing: “Come on, don’t worry, we’ll open with the identity as in the movies.” Angry, she pulled the ID out of her wallet and punched it in the door. To my surprise, the door opened wide open, and then Filenia was able to wrestle with her brother in all her peace.

Conversely, when the door has a new generation security lock, breaking into security systems becomes quite a difficult and time consuming task even for the “best” burglar.

2. Select battery back-up alarm systems

Most of the security systems on the market have a spare battery. You should always check and replace the batteries, if necessary, at regular intervals. This will ensure that your home’s alarm system will continue to provide protection and security to your home even after a long power outage.

3. Closed-circuit television

It is a fact that, in the modern age, promising burglars are becoming more and more obscure. Breaking security systems is easier as organized robbers discover new means to disarm our home. What is shocking is the indifference they have lately expressed about their coverage.

In the past, we had in mind that the aspiring burglar of our house would wear clothes in black and wearing a hood. This is no longer the case, as they have apparently ceased to worry about the testimonies of those who may see them.

However, there is one element that any prospective thief still considers to be particularly deterrent, and that is the closed-circuit television. If they catch the camera’s eye they know very well that there are many chances that someone might discover and capture them.

4. Difficult to break security systems!

The best way to protect yourself from possible burglary is to make access to your home difficult. Even visually, you should keep the alternate inputs hidden. First put locks on the openings, on the windows and doors and choose solid materials. If it doesn’t bother you aesthetically, you can place safety rails on windows that are no escape routes.

These are just some of the many steps you can take. If you want to ensure that your home remains intact for as long as you are missing. Above all, that you will maintain your peace of mind.

Seek the advice of a qualified professional on security doors. They can tell you what are the best solutions for your home!

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