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Christmas can be a good time of year for romance.

Cuffing season runs from 1 December – 15 January and is said to be the time when single people are more likely to want relationships. Psychology Today reported that pressures from romantic christmas films, family, social media and those festive parties where people ask about your dating life are contributing factors.

Some argue there is no solid scientific evidence to this behaviour but others believe you feel more lonely during winter months. But Christmas nights out can be a perfect time to met new people. Finding love is not always easy but it can happen unexpectedly. We want to hear stories from people who met their partners at Christmas.

Share your experiences

Did you meet your partner under the mistletoe? Was your first date on Christmas Day? What was special about finding love at Christmas?

We are looking for your sentimental, unusual and funny tales of finding Christmas love. You can share your stories in the encrypted form below. One of our journalists may be in touch to discuss your contribution.

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